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New legislation changes introduced from 1 July 2018 has changed the way dog owners register their dogs in South Australia with the introduction of Dogs and Cats Online, a central database for microchipped and registered dogs and cats, breeder registration and registration payments.  These new laws are designed to simplify the dog registration process, make it easier to reunite lost dogs with their owners, and help identify and put a stop to puppy farms and reduce euthanasia rates.

Users and owners have 24/7 access to the online database.

Each Dog will be issued with a permanent registration number when first registered on Dogs and Cats Online. A grey registration disc, displaying the permanent registration number, will be posted out to you 15 days following payment.  This number will remain with the dog for life, even if you or your dog moves to another Council area or there is a transfer of ownership.

Council will no longer be issuing annual discs.  If your dog’s registration disc has been lost or damaged, or you do not wish to use the supplied plastic disc, you can purchase your own metal disc, badge or tag and have it engraved with your dog’s registration number.  It is also recommended to include your contact name and number on the disc.  Or if you lose your grey registration disc you can order a replacement disc through Dogs and Cats Online for a fee.

Each year Council will still be responsible for setting the dog registration fees which are outlined in Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule adopted by Council each year.

Note: Concession card holders are required to supply a valid concession card number to be eligible to receive the 50% discount on all registrations.

Concession cards accepted:

  • Health benefits or concession card issued by the Commonwealth
  • Pension concession card issued by the Commonwealth
  • Concession card issued by Family and Youth Services
  • Totally and permanently incapacitated Disability Pensioner
  • British Commonwealth Service Pensioner in receipt of a pension form and assessed as eligible by the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Commonwealth Unemployment or Sickness Benefits or State financial assistance

Renewal notices

A renewal notice will be sent to registered dog owners each year in July via their nominated method (email, sms or post).  The registration fee is calculated based on the information entered into Dogs and Cats Online and payable before the 31 August each year.  The online system will also prompt owners to check and confirm that all details are correct.

To register, renew or to update your Dogs’ details visit Dogs and Cats Online.