Dog and Cat Management Plan

The Plan of Management for Dogs and Cats has been prepared by the District Council of Kimba, to provide a planned approach to undertaking its responsibilities pursuant to the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

This Plan contains a wide range of initiatives to be implemented over a 5 year period and is seen as a vital tool in the promotion and management of responsible dog and cat ownership throughout the district.

The Plan aims to:

*   encourage responsible dog and cat ownership;

*   reduce public and environmental nuisance caused by dogs and cats;

*     promote the effective management of dogs and cats, whilst focusing on the need to educate the community in respect of the law relating to dogs and cats; and

*     harness the benefits of dog and cat ownership and ensure that the expenditure of registration fees addresses dog and cat issues

Please see link below for the full Plan of Management for Dogs and Cats.

Dog and Cat Management Plan