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General Building Information

General Information

Development Application Register 

Items Requiring Development Approval

  • A dwelling, and internal and external renovations
  • Farm buildings such as hay sheds, machinery sheds, animal housing or the like
  • A garage, carport, verandah or storage shed
  • A fence, which: Exceeds two metres in height, Exceeds one metre in height and is masonry, Exceeds one metre in height and is within six metres of the boundary on a corner allotment, Is a swimming pool safety fence, Is not a post and wire fence
  • A wall retaining a difference in ground levels exceeding one metre
  • An advertising sign, hoarding or banner
  • A swimming pool
  • A change of classification or use of a building or land
  • Freestanding aerials or towers over 10 metres in height
  • A toolshed, garden shed or the like with a floor space exceeds 10 square metres or any wall is in excess of 3 metres
  • A pergola, unless: It does not have a roof, Each freestanding side is open, It does not exceed 4 metres in height above the ground, It is not constructed in the 8 metre setback area from the front property boundary
  • A dam, where: A levee or mound greater that 3 metres above the natural ground level is formed, or A retaining wall which retains a difference in ground level exceeding 1 metre is formed
A Power Declaration form must be included with every development application.  

How Do I Apply For Approval?

  1. Choose an experienced and reputable building designer
  2. Check with the Council regarding the type of proposed development, setback, Land Management Agreements etc
  3. Bring into Council three copies of plans and two copies of all other documentation, such as soil and footing construction reports, calculations, specifications. Please ensure you also provide a copy of the Certificate of Title. Schedule V of the Development Regulations lists this as required document.
  4. Pay the applicable fees and fill out and sign an application form. Development Application Form 2018(128 kb)
  5. Your application is then receipted, registered and will then pass through the system

What Happens During The Approval Process?

  1. Your signed and completed application is to be submitted and lodgemnent fees are paid, before proceeding
  2. Planning assessment for Provisional Development Plan Consent is undertaken - that is, it is checked against Council's Development Plan
  3. Building assessment for Provisional Building Rules Consent is undertaken - that is, it is checked for compliance against the Building Code of Australia
  4. The Application is recommended for final approval by Council
  5. Council approves or rejects the application
  6. The owner is notified in writing of Council's decision.
  7. Any fees associated with the Planning and Building approval stage are issued and sent with notification form.
  8. Applicants have the right of appeal against the conditions which have been imposed on the provisional Development Plan Consent or Development Approval. Such an appeal must be lodged at the Environment, Resources and Development Court within two months of the day on which you recieve this notice or such longer time as the Court may allow. (Contact 82040300).