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How Rates are Calculated

Council rates are calculated on property values as provided to the Council by the Valuer General's Office. Each year usually in July Council declares a rate-in-the-dollar, which is applied to all district properties. This declaration appears in the 'Eyre Peninsula Tribune' publication and the Government Gazette. The District Council of Kimba uses site value as the basis for valuing land within the Council area.

Council determines two differential general rates - one for the township and another for all other land. The amount of rates payable is determined by multiplying the relevant rate in the dollar by the site value of the property.

The rate in the dollar for 2017/2018 is:

  • 2.90 cents for township
  • 0.5670 cents for all other land
  • 16.91 cents commercial bulk handlng zone

Other charges are:

  • $240 Community wastewater management systems occupied & vacant allotments
  • $170 Waste Management fee, all township properties
  • $73.75 NRM Levy for residential properties
  • $147.50 NRM Levy for primary producers
  • $110.63 NRM for commercial properties

A minimum rate is also set by the Council in its Rates Declaration. For the 2017/2018 year, the minimum rate was $300 per property.


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