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Cat Control

Cat Control

Under the Dog and Cat Management Act Amendment Bill 2015, Councils retain discretion over whether they wish to introduce cat registration. At this current time, the District Council of Kimba do not require the registration of cats.

Your Cats Safety is the Priority

If your cat is free to roam the neighbourhood, it’s not safe. It can get into fights with other cats, be injured or killed. The best way to protect your cat is to keep it at home and have it micro-chipped in case it strays. Desexing is also a must; it not only prevents unwanted litters but also reduces your cats urge to roam. For further information on responsible cat ownership visit 


From 1 July 2018, all cats in South Australia will be required to be microchipped. Microchipping is the most effective way to reunite a lost cat with its owner and is highly recommended by our council. Contact your vet to organise this.

Cat Cages

Council have cat traps that we hire out to residents to enable them to catch stray and feral cats and foxes on their properties.
These are available for use by arrangement. There is a $20 bond and you recieve $10 back upon return of the trap. Contact the Council office for further hire information.
If you have caught a stray or feral cat in a trap, please contact the council office and our Dog and Cat Authorised Officer will come and collect it for you.

Submit Your Feedback

We encourage your feedback to all our management practices. If you wish to do so please email


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