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Dogs are required by law to be registered once they reach 3 months of age and are required to be re-registered annually.

Dog registrations are required to be renewed between 1st July and 31st August in each year. This can be done, in person or by mail, at the Council Office between 9.00 am - 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

A person under the age of 16 cannot be the registered owner of a dog.

Dog Registration Fees

A  Ordinary Dog $30.00
a  Part Year Ordinary Dog $15.00
B  Ordinary Dog Desexed $18.00
C  Pensioner Conc. - Ordinary Dog $15.00
D  Pensioner Conc. - Ordinary Dog - Desexed $9.00
E  Working Dog $15.00
F  Working Dog - Desexed $9.00
H  Transfer Fee $2.00
I  Replacement Fee $1.00
J  Hearing/Guide Dog N/A
K  Ordinary Dog - Microchipped $27.00
L  Ordinary Dog - Trained $27.00
M  Ordinary Dog - Desexed/Microchipped/Trained $12.00
N  Pensioner Conc. - Ordinary Dog - Microchipped $13.50
O  Pensioner Conc. - Desexed/Trained $7.50
Y  Pensioner Conc. - Ordinary Dog - Trained $13.50
Z  Pensioner Conc - Ordinary Dog - Desexed/Microchipped/Trained $6.00

Replacement Tag - If you lose a dog tag you can purchase another one at the cost of $1.00.


Wandering at Large: $85

Unregistered Dog: $85, plus the registration cost


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