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The following policies form part of Council's Policy Manual:

pdf 2019-20 Community Grants Program Guidelines(4663 kb)

pdf Access to Council Meetings(360 kb)

pdf Building Inspections(172 kb)

pdf Business Continuity Plan(862 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy(166 kb)

pdf Climate Change Policy(3211 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Elected Members(452 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Employees(348 kb)

pdf Community Bus(240 kb)

pdf Contracts Tenders and Purchasing(402 kb)

pdf Council Induction Policy(253 kb)

pdf Customer Complaint Policy(221 kb)

pdf Elected Member Casual Vacancy(325 kb)

pdf Elected Members Allowances and Support Policy(241 kb)

pdf Election Signs Policy(422 kb)

pdf Fair Treatment Policy(516 kb)

pdf Fraud and Corruption(662 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information Statement(416 kb)

pdf Hardship(748 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy(293 kb)

pdf Internal Financial Control Policy(209 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Councils Decisions(428 kb)

pdf KPMV Tenancy Policy(1072 kb)

pdf Members Training and Development Policy(348 kb)

pdf Members Training-Development Policy(145 kb)

pdf Mobile Food Vendor Location Rules Policy(519 kb)

pdf Order Making Policy(324 kb)

pdf Outdoor Business(171 kb)

pdf Plans of Management Relating to Dogs & Cats Policy(597 kb)

pdf Pricing Policy Statement(182 kb)

pdf Prudential Management(216 kb)

pdf Public Consultation Policy(313 kb)

pdf Rating Policy(122 kb)

pdf Register of Salaries 2019(512 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy(272 kb)

pdf Safe Environments(174 kb)

pdf Selection of Road Names(221 kb)

pdf Social Media(537 kb)

pdf Swimming Pool Inspections(110 kb)

pdf Travel and Accommodation Policy(379 kb)

pdf Tree Policy(178 kb)

pdf Unsealed Roads Policy(240 kb)

pdf Waste Management(174 kb)

pdf Whistleblower Policy(658 kb)


District Councl of Kimba

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