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Elected Members

Elected members are serving a 4 year term on Council, which commenced in November 2018.

Councillors are part of the incorporated body handling the responsibility for carrying out the duties and exercising the powers conferred on the Council by the Local Government Act 1999 and other relevant State legislation. The Act specifies that Council members:

  • Represent the interests of ratepayers and residents
  • Provide community leadership and guidance and
  • Facilitate communication between the community and the Council.

The role of a Council member involves:

  • Participating in the deliberations and civic activities of the Council
  • Keeping the Council's objectives and policies under review so as to ensure that they are appropriate and effective and
  • Keeping the Council's resource allocation, expenditure and activities, and the effectiveness and efficiency of its service delivery, under review.

Our Elected Members

Johnson, Dean


Lienert, Megan

Deputy Mayor

Baldock, Graeme

Elected Member

Cant, Brian

Elected Member

Harris, Thomas

Elected Member

Rayson, Peter

Elected Member

Willmott, Peta

Elected Member


District Councl of Kimba

Cross Street (PO Box 189)

Kimba SA 5641